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This Tutorial is intended for people who are not familiar with ASP .Net MVC. This tutorial will take u though step by step instructions to start creating programs in ASP .NET MVC. We would focus mostly on the coding aspect than theory.


1. Introduction To ASP .Net MVC

- MVC Architectural Pattern 
- Structural relationship between the objects, Model View & Controller 
- Indirect Association in the MVC 
- Right Way of Coding in MVC
- Advantages of ASP .NET MVC
- Variants of MVC Pattern
- Is ASP.NET MVC going to replace ASP.NET Web Forms?

2. Lab : MVC Application 

- MVC Basics ( Controller, Action Method, Action Parameters )
- MVC Routing 
- Publishing Application To Server 
- Razor
- HTML Helpers
- Partial Views
- Layout ( Master Pages )
- Simple asp .net application EF Database First 

ASP .NET Setup The Development Enviroment